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Koh Samui Shopping

Shopping Guide on Thailand's Tropical Koh Samui Island

Koh Samui is a shopaholics dream come true with many bargains including clothes, DVDs, CDs, souvenirs and handicrafts to be picked up for a fraction of the cost back home. The island also has several large supermarkets to stock up your fridge with food and consumables and there are 24 hour 7-11 convenience stores on nearly every street and corner.


Koh Samui is packed with great shopping opportunities with many shops and market stalls in all the busy beach areas. Chaweng Beach Road, Samui's busiest beach resort, is lined with a huge range of shopping with everything from clothes and souvenir stalls to designer shops selling well known international brands.

You will find handicrafts made from Thai materials including coconut, mango and golden teak wood. Beautiful fabrics, including famous Thai silk, are used to make bed sheets, tablecloths and clothes. If you want something special, Thai local artists have a number of art houses where they reproduce photos and famous images as oil paintings. Other bargains include sunglasses, sandals, jeans and T-shirts which can be picked up very cheaply, compared to Western prices. You can also find DVDs, CDs and computer software at a fraction of the prices back home. You should, however, remember that these pirated copies are illegal and you run the risk of fines or confiscation if found by immigration when you return home.

Wherever you shop, you are bound to get some bargains especially if you like to haggle. Just remember, in the Land of Smiles, your best bargaining tool is usually a big grin and sense of humour.


There are several Tesco-Lotus supermarkets on Koh Samui island located in Chaweng, Lamai and Nathon. The largest is the Chaweng Tesco-Lotus Supermarket where you can find all kinds of foods, clothes, electronics and a cinema. Tesco-Lotus stores in both Nathon and Lamai are smaller but offer the same food products

Big C is another large supermarket, situated in Bophut next to Bandon International Hospital, and you can find just about any food products here along with clothing, electronic goods and more.

Both Big C and the Chaweng Tesco-Lotus also offer a food court and several fast food outlets including KFC, S & P bakery and M.K.

The Makro cash and carry superstore, located between Big C and the Chaweng Tesco-Lotus, is the place to stock up on frozen products including a large range of imported meat products such as sausages and bacon.

You can view locations of Koh Samui's supermarkets on our interactive map of Koh Samui.

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